SupaStuds Medium Conical Stud SS004

SupaStuds Medium Conical Stud SS004

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Ideal for slippery grass or greasy surface on a hard base. Approx. length 18mm (excluding threaded section). Perfect when you need a bit more grip than you would get from the Small Conical Stud (SS002) - for instance when dew or a sudden shower is added to hard ground. Often suitable to be used in hind shoes in conjunction with Small Conical Studs in front shopes. SupaStuds are easier, faster and safer to use than any other stud on the market. What makes them so special? SupaStuds are: •Completely self-cleaning – no need to tap* •Specially hardened – tougher than tungsten •Rust resistant *NOTE: SUPASTUDS ARE NOT SELF-TAPPING STUDS, THEY DO NOT RUIN THE THREAD IN YOUR STUD HOLES! THEY ARE SIMPLY DESIGNED TO CLEAN THE HOLE AS THEY SCREW IN, NOT TO RE-THREAD IT. SupaStuds are used by many of the top event riders in the country and have become the studs of choice for thousands of competitors at every level across the board in equestrian sport, from driving to polo, showing to show-jumping.

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