13" Hanging Basket Mythical Designs

13" Hanging Basket Mythical Designs

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These beautiful brackets From the Profiles Range have a very traditional look, made from mild steel and coated in High Density Polyethylene. They look great in the summer with a basket and just as lovely in the winter with a bird feeder or lantern. Available in a huge choice of designs they make a lovely gift idea. Choice of two sizes and hundreds of lovely unique designs, including Horses, Farmyard, Wildlife, Transport, Sports and over 200 Dog breeds.

Hand made in England

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Product variations
Profile-Mythical: Ark
£22.50 *
Profile-Mythical: Bluebell
£22.50 *
Profile-Mythical: Dragon
£22.50 *
Father Christmas
Profile-Mythical: Father Christmas
£22.50 *
Gingerbread Man
Profile-Mythical: Gingerbread Man
£22.50 *
Profile-Mythical: Honeysuckle
£22.50 *
Skull and Crossbones
Profile-Mythical: Skull and Crossbones
£22.50 *
Welsh Dragon
Profile-Mythical: Welsh Dragon
£22.50 *
Profile-Mythical: Witch
£22.50 *
Profile-Mythical: Wizard
£22.50 *
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